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If you’re a fan of rap, these are questions you can not miss: who killed Tupac? Is Tupac really dead? The answers to these thorny questions, you will not find them in what follows. On the other hand, we asked the author of the blog 2Pac Legacy, specialist of the question, to realize with us, a reminder of the facts so that you can shine the next time a colleague a little tired to ask your opinion on the question.

The best way of approaching the question is doubtless to recall the different theories that remain in this case which remains, to this day, not elucidated.

Suspect # 1: Orlando Anderson, Blood beaten by 2Pac

Three months before the Tupac murder, three members of the Blood (gang to which Tupac was affiliated) were making purchases in a Foot Locker in Los Angeles. One of them, who worked for the label Death Row, wore the famous diamond medallion of the label (worn by the Death Row team and the rappers) was allegedly attacked by a dozen members of the Crips ( Blood’s rival gang ). One of these Crips, Orlando Anderson, would then have managed to seize the diamond medallion.

On September 7, 1996 – three months later – Tupac cruises at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas (where a match between Mike Tyson and Bruce Seldon took place), Orlando Anderson aka “Baby Lane”, carrying the famous medallion stolen from one of the members of his label. The rapper and his entourage (including Suge Knight) were then seen beating Orlando Anderson on surveillance cameras of the MGM. A few hours after the assault, as he headed for Club 662, Tupac was shot at with a, Glock Caliber 40 four times on the corner of East Flamingo Road and Koval Lane. He will succumb from his injuries six days later in a Nevada hospital.

Suspect # 2: Suge Knight, the Death Row boss

The second theory of assassination concerns the thunderous Suge Knight , boss of Death Row, rumour was  that Tupac was likely to leave to set up his own label, Makaveli Records. The last album, The Don Killuminati: 7 Day Theory, was released on November 5, 1996 (about two months after his death).

The proponents of this second theory assert that Suge Knight, not satisfied with the departure of his foal (which is more he owed a lot of money) would have chosen to have the latter killed. Note that this theory is nevertheless maltreated since, during the attack, Suge Knight was driving the BMW in which Tupac was in … The boss of Death Row had even been slightly touched by debris to the head . Had he taken the risk of being killed at the same time as his victim?

Suspect # 3: Christopher Wallace aka Biggie

We are in 1996, and as you probably know, there was a very strong rivalry between the label of Tupac and that of Notorious BIG (Bad Boys Records, held by the famous Puff Daddy) . Puff Daddy was accused of having sponsored the attempted assassination of Tupac in New York in 1994. Since that event, Tupac had declared war on the East Coast with numerous clashes such as his tracks” Hit Em Up “ or” 2 Amerikaz Most Wanted “ .

Because of this rivalry, Biggie had been questioned during the investigation into the murder of Tupac, but this track had been quickly abandoned since the rapper had presented as an alibi a document that attests to his presence in the studio, New York, on the night of the attack.

Suspicion or not, Biggie will also be sadly assassinated during a trip to Los Angeles on 9 March 1997, less than six months after Tupac’s death.

The shadows of the survey

It should also be noted that Tupac was not very appreciated by the political power. Not only for his interviews, where he directly attacked US domestic politics for his treatment of black-American communities, but also because of his multiple frontal attacks on the FBI or the CIA, which he described as mafia entities.

While there is no evidence that any political intervention in the assassination can be seriously questioned, some observers, such as the journalist Chuck Philips, notes (in his article Who Killed Tupac Shakur? ) a number of irregularities and shortcomings in the conduct of the investigation.

The first and main failure by Philips is the inability of the investigators to protect the only person who could have actually identified the murderer of Tupac: Yaki Kadafi. Kadafi was in the car just behind Tupac during the attack and also went to Club 662. He was ready to cooperate with the police because he said he saw the killer but was murdered two months later by a bullet in in New Jersey, where he had retired while waiting to be interrogated. Why this long waiting time to question the main witness of the investigation?

The second relates to the words of a police officer who claimed in 2014 that he had had the opportunity to ask Tupac for the identity of his assassin a few minutes before his last breath. According to the officer, the dying rapper would then have refused to cooperate by launching an irreverent “Fuck You!”. Strangely, none of the people who surrounded the rapper at his last hours (medical staff, relatives, bodyguards) would have confirmed these facts.

Finally, the journalist recalled that the attack that cost the rapper’s life would have taken place at the intersection of the Flamingo and Koval avenues, which was still crowded at 11:15 pm (attack time). Strangely, none of the occupants of the dozen cars that surrounded the vehicle in which Tupac was attacked would have been able to cooperate with the police during the investigation.

Is Tupac alive?

Many people also think that Tupac is not dead and many videos on YouTube show off showing the live rapper. Intox obviously since most of these videos are either badly dated or too bad quality for anyone to claim that it is Tupac Shakur. Beyond the often intoxicated character of these videos, the biggest conspiracyists will have difficulty in making us believe that Tupac – disappeared nineteen years ago – would have lived all these years hidden on a desert island …

Some personalities do not hesitate to claim loud and clear that the rapper is still alive. Suge Knight, for example, often said in his interviews that Tupac was not dead and that he had never understood “why Tupac ‘s mother, Afeni Shakur, had decided to have her son cremated without anybody’ had seen his body “. Knight says that the rapper would have left with the $ 3 million he had given him and that he would be on an island, smoking his cigar … Oddly we heard the same thing for Elvis, Bob Marley or Michael Jackson …

Tupac had predicted his death

Indeed, on some of his latest songs like ” I Is not Mad At Cha ” Tupac, clearly predicted his death. At the very beginning of the clip, we see the rapper getting shot and dying. Also, it is common knowledge that Tupac would have written and recorded his last album The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory in just one week. According to his close relations, Tupac wanted at all costs to finish this album in urgency because he felt something against him. The songs on the album are all related to death and resurrection.

The other myth around which many admirers of Tupac connects is the fascination of the rapper for the work of Machiavelli. The Italian author known for his book The Art of War had inspired the last stage name of the rapper: Makaveli. Now Machiavelli is known to have rigged his death to deceive his enemies. A strategy which, according to some, was imitated by Tupac on the famous September 7, 1996.

From drama to legend

You will be able to read many other theories about the death of Tupac on the Internet but now you will have in mind the facts that have been confirmed as well as the shadows of the case.

In any case, nearly twenty years after this murder, the murder of Tupac remains an unexplained affair, leaving the best part to the most far-fetched theories and further reinforcing the mythical character of this icon of the Hip-Hop party too early … Thug life!

And you what is your opinion on the matter?


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