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tupac gang tiesAnyone who is familiar with 90’s gangster rap will know how heavily involved some rappers were with the gang life and gang associations. The late 80’s and early 90’s really brought out the perspective of young black youths in the ghetto and in the projects.

Tupac’s music was associated with a lot of gangster lyrics and gangster mentality, you can hear this in a lot of his songs.

Death Row Records

Tupac’s last record label he was alive on was Death Row Records, pretty fitting if you ask me. Death Row was ran by a huge man that goes by the name Marion “Suge” knight. Suge Knight was affiliated and associated with the Bloods Street Gang, most notably the Mob Piru from Compton, California.

Death Row had a bunch of gang affiliated artists actually, another more famous artist on the label, was Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger and Kurupt, who were members of the Crips.

Rumor has it that before Tupac signed on with the Blood affiliated Death Row Records camp, he was down with the Crips. Tupac never stated on record that he claimed either blood or crip.

How Gang Ties may have killed Tupac

Over the years since his death, there have been multiple stories regarding how he was killed. In the latest news, a former bodyguard that was associated with Mob Piru, has come forward with some interesting news.

He said if Tupac stayed neutral in the whole gang wars, he would have been alive today.

He recalls the night of his murder, south side crips were involved in a fight in Las Vegas. The bodyguard believes the night of the shooting, the trigger man was Orlando Anderson, who was a member of the crips.

Its crazy to think, if Tupac stayed out of all this stupid gang beef, that he would still be alive today and making music.

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