Tupac Was Killed by a Crip

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Some new discoveries in the Tupac Shakur case. An old body guard that was hired by Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight says Tupac was killed by South Side Crip gang members. This old bodyguard is said to be a Blood Piru OG.

In a recent interview, the old bodyguard says during the night of the shooting, crips were the ones who pulled the trigger. This bodyguard was also the one to start the beatdown of the crip member at the MGM Grand, after the Mike Tyson boxing match. It is said that it was common crip knowledge, that the crips put a hit out on Tupac after this brawl.

This OG said, if Pac would have stayed out of the fight, he would’ve still been alive today. This is the only reason he died, he fought a fight that wasn’t his.

After this infamous fight, two hours later, Tupac was riding shot gun in Suges mercedez benz, and was shot several times. He then later died 6 days later. The shooter was later killed in a shooting, which was unrelated to Tupacs murder.

He also said, Tupac changed a lot when he started chilling and hanging out with the bloods. He said that he would start spitting on people and start bumping into people. He says he wish he never took the job and wish he never was associated with Death Row, and Suge Knight. He said the bodyguards barely made any money doing it as well.

In the interview he gave, he said that his brother was killed because of his affiliation to death row records.

Who knows how true this might be, or if it in fact is why Tupac actually died. There are so many Tupac conspiracy theories out there. I do know for a fact though, is Tupac is somewhere, kicken it and chillin with his homies, having a good ass time.

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