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tupacBorn in Brooklyn (New York, United States) on 16/06/1971; Death in Las Vegas (Nevada, United States) on 13/09/1996. With Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg , 2Pac is one of the most important figures in the history of gangsta rap on the west coast. Murdered at the age of 25, his premature death brought him into the legend. Today, it remains a symbol for a whole generation. He is recognized as the greatest seller of rap history with more than 75 million albums sold worldwide. The many posthumous albums and greatest hits released after his death do not deny this success.

A nomadic childhood

Lesane Parish Crooks was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her mother was part of the Black Panthers, an African-American revolutionary movement, and spent a few months in jail before she was born for taking part in the explosion of bombs in several parts of New York. Some time after her birth, she renamed her son Tupac ‘Shakur’ Amaru in homage to the Chilean revolutionary, Tupac Amaru meaning “shining serpent” and Shakur, “grateful to God” . Tupac spent his childhood with his mother, his half-brother and his half-sister, strolling from hearth to hearth.

At 12, he discovers his inclination for artistic subjects by integrating a theater group in Harlem, the 127th Street Ensemble. In 1986, when his family settled in Baltimore, he continued his apprenticeship at the arts school. He studied comedy, dance and music and discovered a talent for writing. This training enthusiasm.However, less than six months after his arrival, his family moved to Marin City again. As a result of this episode, he will not go back to a school.

The birth of 2Pac

Under the pseudonym MC New York, he discovers rap and begins to write. He frequents gangs of the age of 17 and begins to sell drugs to better integrate. He devotes the rest of his free time to his new passion, writing.Following an audition, he joined the band Digital Underground. First a dancer in the formation, he finally poses his voice on the project This is an EP . This is the beginning of his career as a rapper.

Spotted by producers, Tupac is offered a contract. Under the name of 2Pac artist, he released his first solo album which he called 2Pacalypse Now . The songs “When My Homies Call” and “Brandy’s Got A Baby” are her first hits. Alongside his rapper career on the west coast, he shot his first movie Juice . On February 16, 1993, he published his second album, Strictly 4 my NIGGAZ , which confirms his success. He is also on the bill for John Singleton’s Poetic Justice , a thriller in which he gives a reply to Janet Jackson.

The Gang War

tupac gang tiesDespite an encouraging start to his career, 2Pac is experiencing many conflicts with the law that tarnish its image. In 1994, he was suspected in a sexual abuse case. On the eve of the trial, he went to a studio to record new songs with Notorious Big, a rapper on the east coast. As he arrives in the studio hall, Tupac is the victim of a robbery. He gets shot five times but gets away. He strongly criticizes two members of Bad boy records, rappers Puff Daddy and Notorious Big, to hide the true identity of the mobsters. This story is born one of the bloodiest quarrels in the history of gangsta rap .

The day after this episode, Tupac is sentenced to four years in prison for his involvement in a rape case.While he is serving his sentence, he publishes a new opus, Me against the world from which the title “Dear mama” is extracted. The album is one of the best sales in the history of rap but Tupac is still in prison.Suge Knight, the director of the Death Row Records label, comes to his rescue. In exchange for the signature of 2Pac with his label, it pays a deposit of 1.4 million dollars and allows the latter to leave prison.

On February 13, 1996, he released the first double album in the history of rap, All Eyez on Me , with the hit “California love”, featuring Dr Dre . On this opus, Tupac settles in rhymes and music his accounts with Notorious Big. There follows a campaign of denunciation which finds its apogee in the title “Hit’Em Up”, one of the most hateful and virulent titles of the rap. It provokes the provocation until affirming that it had an adventure with the wife of the rapper, the singer Faith Hill. Now, the war is pronounced between the rappers of the west side (Death Row Records) represented by 2Pac , and the rappers of the east side (Bad Boy Records)represented by Notorious Big.

The Legend of the “Black Prince”

On December 7, 1996 , Tupac and Suge Knigh traveled to Las Vegas to attend Mike Tyson’s boxing match. It was that night that Tupac was assassinated by five bullets in his chest . Transported to Las Vegas Hospital, he was operated on but died seven days later, on September 13, 1997. There are still many shadows in this episode. Several theories claim that the rapper would have sponsored his death and would still be alive.

Shortly after his death, the label of the singer publishes his last opus Don Killuminati: the 7 day theoryunder the pseudonym of Makaveli. Now, the mother of the rapper watches over his son’s legacy and exploits his heritage on numerous projects. Ten post mortem albums complement the singer’s discography and testify to his artistic genius : the Greatest Hits (1998) and The Prophet (2003), the unreleased albums Still I rise (1999), Until of the End of Time Better dayz (2002) and Loyal to game produced by Eminem (2005), the remix disc Nu Mixx Klazzics (2003), the soundtrack of the documentary about his life Resurrection (2003), live 2Pac live a tribute album Pac’s Life .

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