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Tupac Was Killed by a Crip

Some new discoveries in the Tupac Shakur case. An old body guard that was hired by Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight says Tupac was killed by South Side Crip gang members. This old bodyguard is said to be a Blood Piru OG. In a recent interview, the old bodyguard says during the night of the shooting, crips were the ones who pulled the trigger. This bodyguard was also the one to start the beatdown of the crip member at the MGM Grand, after the Mike Tyson boxing match. It is said that it was common crip knowledge, that the crips put a hit out on Tupac after this brawl. This OG said, if Pac would have stayed out of the fight, he would've still been alive today. This is…
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Tupac’s Street Gang Affiliation

  Anyone who is familiar with 90's gangster rap will know how heavily involved some rappers were with the gang life and gang associations. The late 80's and early 90's really brought out the perspective of young black youths in the ghetto and in the projects. Tupac's music was associated with a lot of gangster lyrics and gangster mentality, you can hear this in a lot of his songs. Death Row Records Tupac's last record label he was alive on was Death Row Records, pretty fitting if you ask me. Death Row was ran by a huge man that goes by the name Marion "Suge" knight. Suge Knight was affiliated and associated with the Bloods Street Gang, most notably the Mob Piru from Compton, California. Death Row had a bunch…
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Tupac the Actor

Any Hip Hop lover knows the rapper, many know the man and his escapades but Tupac as an actor seems ultimately well-known to the general public. This is his first love, which he revived by playing in 6 films and this, only up to 25 years and his tragic death. So here we come back to his relationship with the movies, the roles played in his films and the type of actor he was. Tupac has always had the soul of an actor Tupac grew up in a poor family but very open and committed to culture and art. Thus, young Amaru enrolled at the age of 12 in a theater group in Harlem. He then moved to Baltimore. There, he joined the Baltimore School of Arts to study jazz, poetry and theater, playing in Shakespeare's plays. This…
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The Death of Tupac: Who Killed Tupac

If you're a fan of rap, these are questions you can not miss: who killed Tupac? Is Tupac really dead? The answers to these thorny questions, you will not find them in what follows. On the other hand, we asked the author of the blog 2Pac Legacy, specialist of the question, to realize with us, a reminder of the facts so that you can shine the next time a colleague a little tired to ask your opinion on the question. The best way of approaching the question is doubtless to recall the different theories that remain in this case which remains, to this day, not elucidated. Suspect # 1: Orlando Anderson, Blood beaten by 2Pac Three months before the Tupac murder, three members of the Blood (gang to which Tupac was affiliated) were making purchases…
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The Legend of Tupac Amaru Shakur

Born in Brooklyn (New York, United States) on 16/06/1971; Death in Las Vegas (Nevada, United States) on 13/09/1996. With Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg , 2Pac is one of the most important figures in the history of gangsta rap on the west coast. Murdered at the age of 25, his premature death brought him into the legend. Today, it remains a symbol for a whole generation. He is recognized as the greatest seller of rap history with more than 75 million albums sold worldwide. The many posthumous albums and greatest hits released after his death do not deny this success. A nomadic childhood Lesane Parish Crooks was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her mother was part of the Black Panthers, an African-American revolutionary movement, and spent a few months in jail before she was born for taking part in the explosion…
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